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Name:Yarnzipan's RP Journal
Birthdate:Dec 27
Location:Richmond, Virginia, United States of America

In Game(s)

The Calling

[personal profile] justakidfrombrklyn || Steve Rogers @ The Calling
[personal profile] american_alien || Clark Kent (from the Superman: American Alien book) @ The Calling
[personal profile] cosmetological || Thomas Raith @ The Calling


[personal profile] truth_and_justice || Clark Kent @ Eudio
[personal profile] slam_poetry || Cassandra Cain-Wayne @ Eudio
[personal profile] power_ful || Karen Starr/Kara Zor-L @ Eudio
[personal profile] worthmorethana || Alfred Pennyworth @ Eudio
[personal profile] gottawearshades || Scott Summers @ Eudio


[personal profile] sand_and_coffee || Sanderson Hawkins @ Clockbox

The Last Voyages

[personal profile] ishallshedmylight || Alan Scott @ The Last Voyages
[personal profile] a_different_future || Clark Luthor @ The Last Voyages
[personal profile] walking_witch || Chloe O'Dwyer @ The Last Voyages

I Run

[community profile] calling_net 🌟 [community profile] calling_logs 🌟 [community profile] calling_net 🌟 [community profile] calling_ooc | THE CALLING (game)
[community profile] uirtutum 🌟 [community profile] uirtutum_logs 🌟 [community profile] uirtutum_ooc | Uirtutum (game)
[community profile] metacademicals | THE ACADEMY (musebox)
[community profile] agoodyarn | Personal Musebox


[personal profile] stands_for_hope || Clark Kent
[personal profile] shahrrehth || Clara Josephine Kent (rule!63 Clark)
[personal profile] byronicbaryonic || Richard Swift AKA The Shade
[personal profile] theconstantone || John Constantine
[personal profile] wickedtothemax || Maxine Hunkel
[personal profile] red_queen_kent || Martha Kent
[personal profile] verdad_y_justicia || Hernan Guerra (Superman)
[personal profile] the_great_machine || Mitchell Hundred
[personal profile] canon_bondage_kink || Diana of Themyscira
[personal profile] jump_first_net_second || Dick Grayson
[personal profile] in_medias_res || Lois J. Lane
[personal profile] hermes_helm || Jason Garrick
[personal profile] all_run_together || Danica Williams
[personal profile] not_a_detective || Nissa
[personal profile] brighterbyone || Jack Knight/Starman
[personal profile] 3x2x9yzx4a || Jesse Quick
[personal profile] miraclo || Rex Tyler
[personal profile] kingtide || Arthur Curry
[personal profile] spyral_striped || Agent One

[personal profile] nameditforhim || Howard Stark
[personal profile] theridercometh || Johnny Blaze
[personal profile] rogue_weather || Ororo Munroe
[personal profile] pe_rosh_ayin || Erik Lensherr/Max Eisenhardt/Magneto
[personal profile] he_that_stands_it_now || Bucky Barnes
[personal profile] gottawearshades || Scott Summers

[personal profile] cutsthestrings || Fiona Post
[personal profile] mago_sonriente || Carlos Ramirez
[personal profile] why_me || Garion of Riva
[personal profile] nevermorethroppish || Liir Ko
[personal profile] john_the_brave || John Wayne Cleaver
[personal profile] dauntless_cpt || Captain Tanya Desjani
[personal profile] aelf_aeling || Seph McCauley
[personal profile] i_manual || Dairine Callahan

[personal profile] qsilver_lab_rat || Darien Fawkes
[personal profile] thisgiftbites || Scott McCall
[personal profile] ezekiel_36_27 || Ezekiel Stone
[personal profile] always_diplomatic || Kira Nerys
[personal profile] guldutrashcan || Gul Dukat
[personal profile] defiant_emissary || Benjamin Sisko
[personal profile] renegade_biochemist || The Rani
[personal profile] protect_the_future || Kiera Cameron
[personal profile] eternal_boy || Nicholas B. Knight
[personal profile] bloominghistorian || Nico Robin
[personal profile] heavenly_yaksha || Doflamingo Donquixote
[personal profile] a_s_ce || Portgas D. Ace
[personal profile] rallumer || Sabo
[personal profile] morethanagun || Wynonna Earp
[personal profile] suit_of_sables || Geoffrey Tennant
[personal profile] assecurare || Emily Locke (Powerless)
[personal profile] lacero || Ethan Chandler
[personal profile] your_friend || Bill Cipher
[personal profile] alema_tuka || Hera Syndulla

[personal profile] fix_n_mix || Nick Ramos
[personal profile] beaten_metal || Hephaestos

Always open to trying just about anything and happy to chat or message as people like to set up threads or plots.
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